Monday, June 30, 2008

It's Wimbledon time, and I stayed up late watching Lleyton Hewitt get beaten by Roger Federer; never mind, I still enjoy the tennis, even when the Australians don't win.

We did our Teacher Training class yesterday, learnt lots of things about the new Statler software and how to train others to use it. It will be great fun to get home and try everything out. Meredith will want to take the belts off and record her freehand feathers as stitching files, and I want to try trimming cross-hatching around applique. We might be fighting over the machine in the next few weeks.

Our teacher was Kim Diamond, and she was excellent; very knowledgable and made the day great fun. It was amazing how the mood of the class changed when she informed us that we had to get up and present a section to the rest of the class. That took the wind out of our sails real quick; no-one wanted to have to get up and play 'teacher', even though the 8 of us are old, old friends. But it went OK after we relaxed and had a few jokes with each other.

Unfortunately blogger won't let me load any photos, so I will just sign off and come back later when I can put in some photos.


meggie 12:38 AM  

Hmmn, Blogger... mutter mutter mumble... might be actual swearing...

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