Monday, July 28, 2008

Mereth's flannel quilt;
my flannel quilt, which is now quilted and on my lounge;
Rob's quilt on the machine being quilted. It was duly presented to him last week, and is now on his bed in his place in Newcastle. Mission 'Quilt' accomplished!

Last week was such a blur! I had that burst of quilting activity at the start, then on Wednesday drove Mereth down to Adelaide to meet up with Rob, spent Thursday running business errands in Adelaide before driving home, printed and packed patterns all Friday as well as taking in 4 quilts from various customers, drove back to Adelaide on Saturday to pick up Mereth from the airport, drove home on Sunday, taught a class on Monday and spent all day yesterday catching up on work that had been shoved aside during the last few days.

Now where exactly were we? I have loads of tidying up to do in the workroom, putting all the flannel scraps in order. There are two quilts to bind, so I should tackle that straight away. And there are 12 quilts waiting to go on Millhouse, some with close deadlines, so we had better get onto that right away. We have a busy month ahead of us.

I may also have had a moment of madness when Hancocks of Paducah offered to send me anything I liked with no shipping charge. Who could resist free International shipping? When the parcel arrives I'd better have the car handy is all I can say; I won't be carrying it home. I have nothing to say in my defense except that it was Cheap. And I Wanted It! It's a good thing I lost count of how much fabric I've bought this year; can't feel any guilt that way.


Anonymous,  12:36 AM  

It just proves you are not just doing nothing. Whew, that is one busy schedule and you accomplished a lot!

meggie 6:20 PM  

Good for you!! It must be so nice to be able to please yourself when & what you indulge in, for the pleasure of it all!

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