Thursday, July 17, 2008

Infinity Quilter asked in the comments if there was a pattern for the Double V; not really, it's composed of these Double V blocks, and an alternate block. I thought I did a blog tutorial on the vine border, made of 60 diamonds, but I can't find it. Maybe one night I will put it all into a pdf file to share. Must make a mental note of that....

Yesterday I spent the day round at Mereth's, as Matt keeps the wood heater going most of the day and it's lovely and warm. After I finish the latest pair of socks I am going to knit gloves, my hands are freezing! I made 240 red and white 1" HSTs for my new blocks. It seemed to take me all day, though I know I did lots of other things as well. In the last two weeks I have made 570 HSTs for Mereth's project, and I'm aiming to make it an even 1000 before next weekend. Then that should be enough for a while.There are 200 in that basket, and the whole 570 seem a pitifully small lot. It will be interesting to see what the quilt turns out like.

I'm probably getting a cold, and because it's Sunday today and I didn't need to get up, I thought I'd stay in bed all day and see if that helped keep the flu at bay. I lasted until midday; lying around in the daytime is not something I like to do. Mind you, I felt wonderful once I did get up!

I whisked through the sewing room and gathered all my flannels together. Once I started cutting up the lovely ones I bought at Jamestown I realized that they were more Mereth's style than mine, so I decided to make two quilts, one for her, poor flannel-less creature, and one for me from my stash.

My quilt was nearly finished when it occurred to me that Mereth's second son Rob is leaving for a new job in Newcastle next week, and he Doesn't Have A Quilt!! How could that have escaped our notice till now? I rang Mereth to inform her of this turn of events, and demanded she come round right away and do something about it. I have plenty of material, I assured her.

She showed up, at 6.30, shaking her head over my un-natural energy. I made her cut up the rest of my flannel stash into 9 1/2" squares, and we laid them out on the workroom floor. As she left to spend the evening with third son she made a flippant comment about seeing it finished on the blog tomorrow morning.
She should know better than to throw out a challenge like that! Rob's quilt is on the left, mine is next to it on the machine, and Mereth's is on the floor. I will take proper photos tomorrow, this is just to show that it's possible to make three flannel tops in a day.

And Mereth is going to have to quilt Rob's before Wednesday......


meggie 11:19 PM  

You amaze me with your boundless productivity! 3 quilt tops in one day!! I suppose if the cutting was all done, I could do it too, but I find the cutting is a long process, & my back suffers.
Flanell will be perfect as it is quite cold up here now, so Newcastle, though further north is very cold at times!!

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