Saturday, July 05, 2008

Home again, home again; I seem to have been glued to the computer since I got back on Wednesday, catching up on all the work that built up in my absence. I think I'm up to date, I sure hope so.

It's been so long since I quilted one of my own tops, I'd forgotten what fun it is. We made sure to finish up the customer quilt that was on the machine on Friday, so that I could have it all to myself over the weekend. I did some badly needed maintenance, and it's running very nicely.This is a top I finished last year; don't know what the proper name is, but I call it a Framed Hourglass. I'm using a variegated thread to quilt it, and I like how it makes the stitching look. It's not exactly traditional, but it adds a nice touch and blends well with all the print fabric in the top.

I designed a few patterns for this top and used the new Statler software to quilt them. Creative Studio is quite a step up from the previous software, but I'm liking it so far. It has so many extra features, and I love how accurately I can place patterns. I had a lovely time playing around.The promised trip to Jamestown with friends took place on Friday, and I picked up a little bundle of flannels because I just couldn't resist. Mereth refuses to buy them because she doesn't want to have a whole separate flannel stash. I gave in last year; my flannel stash is modest, but it's gorgeous. I will have to take a deep breath and cut into these lovelies soon, so I can enjoy snuggling under a flannel quilt this winter.There has been knitting and rug-hooking taking place late at night; another pair of socks will be finished soon, hopefully tonight as I watch the tennis final. I seem to have missed all the action this year; at least I have the Olympics to look forward to.


Candace 5:39 AM  

Your quilt and flannels are both gorgeous. The quilting looks wonderful.

Donna 6:56 AM  

I've tried resisting the flannels for a similar reason - who needs TWO stashes! - but have recently caved... I love how cuddly a flannel quilt is, though the lint made during construction is another thing compeltely!! Plan on cleaning your machine frequently...

meggie 2:31 PM  

Ooh I love flannel too. I dont have any, but those colours look gorgeous. I love pinks!
Your quilt is fabulous, the quilting looks so interesting!

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