Thursday, July 17, 2008

I've quilted three of my own quilts lately, so I will have to update my spreadsheet to show what a super achiever I am. Mereth has been stitching small customer quilts on her Janome, and Ms Millhouse looked forlorn standing by unused. Well that's my story anyway.

This is my Christmas Double Vee quilt, and I pantoed it with a leafy pattern and yellowy-green variegated thread. I like how it turned out, and I plan to have this on the wall at Christmas, with maybe a side table in front of it and some of my antique cane sewing baskets. And candles. And red and green baubles. And an angel or two. Christmas seems like such fun when it's months away....

After I took my quilt off the frame Ms Millhouse was still all silent reproach, but Mereth needs to spend some time using the new software so I didn't load another of mine. Ever helpful, I have pinned a small top of hers on, ready for her to start on tomorrow in between other chores. We didn't see eye to eye about how this should be quilted. I wanted her to use the new software for the blocks and the borders. She wanted to freehand feather it. After a lengthy pause we agreed that the blocks would be done with Creative Studio and the borders freehand. We could have argued about it, but I knew she wouldn't give up on doing the borders her way, and she knew that it would be useful to practise new things on her own quilt instead of a customer quilt. So we compromised. Thus peace reigns in the workshop.
Sort of. I'm in love with this little block that I made yesterday, and want to make a hundred more in all different fabrics. I adore it, it's so cute. Those are 1" HSTs in the pinwheels by the way. Unfortunately I may have covered the table in the workshop with fabric and triangles and scraps . I think I'd better get it cleared away before Mereth needs to put a customer quilt out there..... just have to cut some more pieces first. It feels so good to be sewing a new project at last.


Tazzie 7:24 AM  

Wow Mereth, your blog always contains such eye candy, I love everything you've shared today. The teeny tiny pinwheels are just adorable, I feel a need to make some of my own!

InfinityQuilter/Knitter 10:33 AM  

I love your Christmas quilt. Did you design it yourself or make it from a pattern? I bet you can't wait until Christmas to proudly hang it on the wall!!!

meggie 10:44 PM  

Oh I love your little pinwheel block!
We had a power outage for the day today, & it meant my roll on sewing had to take a break!
At least I managed to get a haircut, & it is a decent one too!

Kucki68 2:38 AM  

Your Double V looks great with its almost positive negative look. What a lovely two block quilt!

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