Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Wimbledon final was a real thriller, ending at 5.45am here. I managed to see most of it, but it was a looong night. Well worth staying up for. I'm a fan of Nadal, so I was pleased to see him win; he had to fight every inch of the way though. It made for an excellent final; it's always disappointing when the last match is over too quickly.

My quilt is finished and off the frame, and I love it. I quilted two designs in the borders with no trouble at all, thanks to the new software. It was a bit nerve-wracking, as a friend was visiting, and watched with interest, so I was glad that it all worked out fine. I don't need an audience for my disasters.Today Mereth and I quilted a quilt that was 105" x 94". It was Huge! It had a few issues with it's 10 borders, so it took the two of us to subdue it. It looked beautiful when it was finished, I presume Mereth will post photos of it. It felt really good to be a quilter today, and see that large top turn into a large quilt. I feel like we really did the owner a favour, as she couldn't have quilted it easily on her own. I love our Ms Millhouse stitching away by herself.

I also basted a small quilt for handquilting, and it's ready for me to stitch in the evenings, before I start knitting. Even an hour a day will see it finished this winter. I'm just going to crosshatch the centre, and do fans in the borders. It will be lovely to sit beneath a quilt and stitch, now that the nights are so cold. Winter has arrived at last.


Cornfield Quilter 11:24 AM  

I love the quilting and how it turned out. It is perfect for that quilt! Awesome!!

Vicki W 4:12 PM  

Your quilt is beautiful! The quilting is perfect.

meggie 4:42 PM  

Your quilt is lovely, no wonder you feel proud of it.
Winter has certainly arrived here!!brrrr.

Anonymous,  3:20 PM  

Viva Chile y Nadal !!!!!LOL

Helen in the UK 2:36 AM  

Great quilt and congrats on the finish! All that new technology on your LA looks way confusing .... rather you than me!! I'm enjoying seeing the results though :)

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