Saturday, July 12, 2008

This is the quilt that is on Ms Millhouse now; I pieced it last year from my blue stash, and it contains some of the last pieces of my favourite blues. I'm quilting it with designs that I'm doing for a new pattern pack, and it's a joy to work on. I'm trekking back and forth from the machine to the computer, tweaking designs and drawing new ones as they occur to me. It's very absorbing, and time-consuming, but I love getting lost in the creative process. At times it's a struggle to keep coming up with new things, but sometimes the ideas just come out of nowhere and it's effortless. I wish it were that way all the time.

It's all about computer screens at the moment; this is the screen of the Statler, in the new Creative Studio software. I can trace outlines of the blocks on the quilt, and place the stitching over them exactly as I want it. It's awesome, and I'm really inspired to get my backlog of tops quilted now.

Then there's the desktop computer that I design on, in AutoCad Lite. It's software that I had for my survey drafting business, many years ago. Thanks heavens I don't have to draw plans anymore, though it was fascinating, and it taught me all about drafting. I also use Autosketch to edit the patterns for the Statler. Great little program, and quite affordable.

And then there's the laptop that's connected to the Interweb, that keeps distracting me with mail and blogs and messages about sales from Z & S Fabrics. Like I need that!

When I get really involved with designing I switch off from the world around me; that was awkward when I had a family to care for. Kids would come and ask me what was for dinner and it was like they were strangers speaking another language; who were these people, what were they saying, dinner?? Eh?? We had some strange cobbled together meals at times. Luckily no-one depends on me to get fed now; I'm quite happy with a bit of cheese and some olives and a glass of wine.
Even I can't believe that I'm brave enough to eat cheese covered in pink mould. I have grave misgivings, but it tastes wonderful and it hasn't harmed me yet. It smells like a damp laundry hamper full of dirty socks; is that bad?


Donna 7:09 AM  

sounds like you're getting lots of time with some of your favorite blues through the quilting process. Enjoy! And in honour of hte quilt maybe rather then pink moldy cheese you should be eating blue cheese... hehehe

Paula 12:09 PM  

I really like that blue quilt! Blue has never been a favorite color of mine, but something about your quilt really catches my eye! There is a great balance between the darks, lights and mediums. Great job!

Quilting Martha 8:14 PM  

I love cheese that smells like dirty socks!

meggie 3:45 PM  

How wonderful to be able to please no one but yourself! I would love that. I think it must be how most great creators work.
I confess, I was shocked when I saw that cheese!

Henrietta 12:52 AM  

What kind of cheese is it? I feel a great need to go find some olives and eat them with my aged irish cheddar. I love cheese. I am procrastinating, can you guess?

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