Sunday, July 13, 2008

The weekend was productive in more ways than one. On Saturday I kept on designing and quilting on the Churn Dash. On Sunday Matt came round and helped jack up the table of Ms Millhouse so we could install castors on her. Mereth got it into her head that we needed to shift the machine, and nothing would satisfy her until the castors were brought home from Kaye's and the date for the shift decided on.
The machine is much higher now, which isn't good, but it's very nice to use in it's new position, and it leaves us with a large space to set up our classroom. But there's a lot of shifting of sewing tables and paraphernalia still to do, and some ideas we need to work on. I'm sure it will all be settled soon. Today was Patchwork Group; Mereth went because she had to open up the clubroom, but I stayed home to wait for some phone calls. No piecing has taken place here for weeks!

I finished the ChurnDash tonight. This afternoon Mereth made a comment that she expected me to blog about the completed quilt tonight, and then laughed at the idea, as if it couldn't possibly happen. So I skipped tea and stitched away till I could rip it triumphantly off the machine and photograph it. Hah! I thought, I'll show her.....Isn't this how reverse psychology works? I feel like I fell in her trap, but I'm glad I did; I have a finished quilt and I'm ready to start the next one. But there may be some therapeutic piecing before then.


Donna 5:56 AM  

the variety of quilted medalions on your quilt are wonderful. They really add interest. :-)

Have you thought of building a long step for working at the long arm? My grandmother was a short lady, and had one in front of her deep freeze -- not only was it good for the extra height it gave her, it provided a "box" with a removable lid to store supplies. It ran the full length of the freezer, and was about 24" wide I think so she wouldn't step off the edge while standing on it or moving around...

mereth 7:29 AM  

Ha Ha!! My cunning plan Worked!

Paula 7:33 AM  

Love the quilt even more now! The medallions are wonderful. What a great job you did on the quilting. It's wonderful to have friends who kindly prod us on to finish, isn't it? Even if they are a bit sneaky.

Ann 7:59 AM  

The churn dash quilting is beautiful. It really turns this traditional quilt into something stunning.

Deb Robertson Writes 12:26 AM  

Hi Keryn
If you visit my blog you will see that I have given you an award. Congratulations!
deb :)

meggie 1:48 AM  

OMG Kerryn, your quilting is wonderful!! I just love the extra dimension it adds.
I will have to think carefully about piecing a quilt with blocks something like this, & save up to have it professionally quilted! It just looks so classy.

Tanya Brown 8:50 AM  

Wow! Magnificent!

Helen in the UK 12:13 AM  

Great quilting :)

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